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Sure Foot Firm Slants Sure Foot Firm Slants Sure Foot Firm Slants Sure Foot Firm Slants Sure Foot Firm Slants Sure Foot Firm Slants Sure Foot Firm Slants

  • Benefit: Long-term use to aid in improvement of overall horse health and well-being.
  • Color Coded: Coated with Yellow DuraFlex, a highly durable, anti-microbial coating.
  • Shape: Rectangular shape cut on an angle along the length.
  • Size: 12”x10”x3” (25cmx30cmx7.6cm) so that there is sufficient area for the horse’s hoof divided into two angled pads.
  • Pad weight: Each pad weighs less than 6 oz. (170 grams).
  • Weight load limit: Can be used with horses of any size, weight or breed.
  • Safety: Pads are constructed of material that will not cause injury to the horse. However, failure to follow instructions may cause harm to both horse and human. Always follow the safety guidelines on the back of the insert sheet, website and/or DVD and instructional videos.
  • Instructions for use: Available on and on YouTube: SURE FOOT Equine Channel. DVD available upon request.
  • Breed or discipline: May be used with any breed that has a hoof; horse, donkey or mule.
  • Serviceability: While the pads are not impervious to damage (tears and cuts) they will continue to service the horse even when they look ugly due to use.
  • Portable: Bring your pads to the arena, competition, field, veterinary clinic or anywhere you horse needs comfort and stability. The pads are easily used in any location.
  • General cleaning Instructions: Easily cleaned with a soft brush, soap and warm water. Avoid scouring powder or other abrasive cleaners as they may damage the coated side.
  • Health Safety: Disinfect with soap and water.
  • Hoof Preparation: Bare foot horses tend to cut the pads so be sure to file off any sharp hoof edges to minimize damage. Shod horses tend to tear the edges of the pad if they slip off.
  • Uses: Pads are beneficial to the horse pre-exercise, post-exercise, during a training session to improve and enhance performance, recovery from injury while stall bound or in limited movement, reset proprioceptors to establish normal patterns of movement, calming for any breed horse in any discipline, improve overall well-being of horse and owner, improve relationship between horse and owner as the owner is recognized by the horse as caregiver.
  • Stackable: SURE FOOT FIRM SLANT Pads can be combined to stack layers generally two high but in some instances three high. Typically the FIRM SLANT is placed as the top layer. Stacking allows the person to give the horse an experience that matches the habit patterns of the body and offer alternatives. Do not force a horse to stand on stacked pads. Stacked pads may slip as the horse steps off or slides the pads and this may cause additional wear and tear, therefore if you are stacking expect to see more damage. However, stacking allows the horse to experience limb differential and in many cases is beneficial to establishing a more normal, balance posture and movement.
  • Durability: The Real SURE FOOT pads are durable and have been designed and tested to hold up under the demands of use with horses in any environment. The initial production run in January 2016 are still in use today.
  • Storage – Be mindful of where you leave your pads. In very hot temperatures Hard pads will soften considerably. Do not leave any SURE FOOT pads in an enclosed car, horse trailer or other confined spaces in hot and/or humid temperatures. Doing so may void the warranty. A rule of thumb is not to leave your pads exposed to direct sunlight for prolonged a period of time. If you wouldn’t leave your dog in that location, then don’t leave your pads there either!
  • Warranty: Warranted against delamination of the DuraFlex coating and/or pad layers. Excessive use with multiple horses on a daily basis will cause significantly more damage than the individual horse owner. However, the pads will continue to perform.
  • Manufacturing: Made of as much environmentally friendly material as possible, designed and tested by Wendy Murdoch, carry the real SURE FOOT Logo and are assembled in the USA under the guidance and direction of The Murdoch Method, LLC.
  • Prop 65 warning: The State of California requires that any product containing a chemical listed as hazardous to health must be declared. As there are chemicals within the DuraFlex coating that must be declared SURE FOOT pads carry this warning. Please do not eat your SURE FOOT pads!

Firm Slants – Firm Angle Change

Genuine SURE FOOT Equine FIRM SLANT Pads are Yellow DuraFlex coating top stamped with the official SURE FOOT logo and charcoal on the other. They are made of the same material as the FIRM Pad cut on an angle. They are packaged in pairs along with a Warranty Registration Card and QR code.

FIRM SLANTS will give more under the horse’s weight than HARD SLANTS. This is beneficial to many horses because they can yield laterally - similar to the FIRM pads - depending upon where the hoof is along the slant thickness.

FIRM SLANTS may be used on either side; however, the pad is more stable when used colored side up. FIRM SLANTS may be used in any direction, heel high, heel low, or laterally (supination or pronation). Horses may stand anywhere along the angle of the pad from the thin leading edge to the full height (up to 3”) at the back.

Horses that are particularly unsure or nervous benefit from using FIRM SLANTS because the horse can stand on the leading edge, which is very thin. They may be used under front and hind hooves. Horses appear to prefer the FIRM SLANTS heel high. FIRM SLANTS may be comforting for horses with laminitis and arthritis, for those rehabilitating from stringhalt, shoulder or pelvic injury, or those that have stifle or hoof concerns.

  • Pads are suitable for use on any surface with horses that are shod, bare foot and/or wearing boots.
  • Pads will show wear over time. Nicks, tears and cuts are considered normal wear and tear and do not limit the effects of the pads in any way.

Hard Slants Fact Sheet 1 

Download the Firm Slants Fact sheet

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