Becky KellsBecky Kells – 3 HOOF
Equine Soft Injuries
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Massachusetts and New England, including Florida November to April.

Becky Kells is a graduate of the University of Massachusetts with a BS in animal science and pre-veterinary studies. She is the author of Equine Soft Tissue Injuries, a practical guide for management of the injured horse. She is also a certified EST and a USDF certified Instructor through second level dressage. She also has worked in the saddle fitting industry. Becky has competed, instructed and trained horses in both New England and Florida. During her riding studies she trained with Sarah Geikie, Gerd Reuter, Felicitas Von Neuman Cosel, and multiple International trainers. Currently, she has developed a workshop that incorporates mindfulness, emotional intelligence and biomechanical theories, as well for both horse and rider. Although dressage is her passion, Becky works with all riders and disciplines guiding riders towards understanding the anatomical, physical and emotional relationships in riding.  Balanced rider, balanced horse and correct understanding of concepts create a deeper relationship with the horse.

“Nothing else in the horse world helps a horse reprogram his movement so quickly. And, because SURE FOOT seems to work at a deep nervous system level, the horses maintain the progress.”

Dr. Joyce Harman, DVM

“Wendy Murdoch’s revolutionary SURE FOOT Program is a priceless gift to the horse world. I have seen remarkable results in mental, emotional, and physical balance of horses standing on these pads for only five minutes.”

Linda Tellington-Jones