Hosting a SURE FOOT Equine Stability Program 2-Day Practitioner Workshop. Practitioner workshops are aimed towards Equine Professionals wanting to become SURE FOOT practitioners or other professionals that are interested in a more in-depth understanding of the SURE FOOT Equine Stability Program created by Wendy Murdoch. Workshop participants often include vets, farriers/trimmers, massage/bodywork therapists, saddle fitters, osteopaths, and physiotherapists as well as riding instructors. Non-professionals wishing to increase their knowledge and understanding of ways to assist their individual horse/s may also attend.

What do our Hosts need to do?

  • Supply or find a suitable venue for the 2-day workshop (see venue requirements below).
  • Advertise the workshop with the supplied media via your own avenues and spread the word to potential attendees/peers.
  • Be the first point of contact for professionals wishing to enquire further.
  • Collect and receive registration forms and in some instances workshop fees.
  • Be able to pick up and return our SURE FOOT Instructor to the airport.
  • Be able to pick up and return our SURE FOOT Instructor to/from workshop/accommodation.
  • Provide or recommend accommodation nearby to the clinic.
  • Scan participant registration forms back to SURE FOOT once the clinic is completed.

8-9 Horses including 2-3 ridden horses and riders are required over the two-day course. Horses and riders need to be available for both days. Most horses are suitable although well-mannered horses aid in creating a safe learning environment. Horses belonging to friends, family or clients are often good choices. A mix of breed, discipline, and age is ideal. Therapy horses are suitable.

Riders should be physically able, reasonably fit, and well balanced at all gaits. Children are not suitable as demonstration riders.

To maximize learning, safety, and comfort for horses and participants an indoor arena or covered riding area large enough to accommodate 2 -3 horses at a time is required. A room or area suitable for theory work with chairs including lunch and toilet facilities. Projector (& whiteboard) if possible, for PowerPoint lectures. Holding yards or stables for any visiting horses.

Host Benefits
Potential for complimentary workshop attendance as a participant. All promotional media and registration forms are provided by us. Opportunity to network with other equine professionals. Bring 1-2 of your own horses. We recommend a handler/helper to assist you with your horses, so as not to detract from your own learning experience. 

Online SURE FOOT Practitioner Application Form: