Sara-Jane Saull - 1 HOOF
My Balanced Equine
Worcestershire, UK

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Sarah-Jane is an Equine craniosacral therapist and Reiki Practitioner based in Worcestershire UK.
SURE FOOT Pads caught her attention and shortly after she attended a training workshop. Sarah really loves how they work with the horse and how it's all about the horse having a voice and making the decisions, this is something she strives to up hold in her practice already. The pads invite the horses to choose and really come into their own body to process. Sarah-Jane loves incorporating the pads into her practice and watching the deep processing unfold. Helping horses with their posture and held patterns within the body and mind is what her holistic approach is about, Sure Foot pads give another avenue to help the horse access this by creating deep relaxation in such an effective non-invasive way.


“Nothing else in the horse world helps a horse reprogram his movement so quickly. And, because SURE FOOT seems to work at a deep nervous system level, the horses maintain the progress.”

Dr. Joyce Harman, DVM

“Wendy Murdoch’s revolutionary SURE FOOT Program is a priceless gift to the horse world. I have seen remarkable results in mental, emotional, and physical balance of horses standing on these pads for only five minutes.”

Linda Tellington-Jones