Debby Potts – 4 HOOF
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Location: USA and abroad

Debby Potts is one of the most highly recognized Tellington TTouch® Instructors in the world with more than 30 years experience. As one of Oregon's first board certified veterinary technicians, she has always been concerned with animal health and behavior. TTouch has allowed her to extend that care to include improving the lives of animals and people on a physical, mental and emotional level.
Debby met Wendy Murdoch in 1984 and is proud to be a Sure Foot 4 Hoof Practitioner, recognizing the value of the Sure Foot Equine Stability Program for all horses.
Growing up breeding and showing horses has given Debby an extensive background in working with many different breeds and disciplines of horses. A filly born with severe neurological damage initially brought Debby to Tellington TTouch after the veterinarians had done all they could for her. The amazing progress the filly made inspired Debby to make helping animals and people her life's work.
Debby travels much of the year teaching trainings and working privately with individuals in many parts of the world, especially Japan, Taiwan and China. She lives near Portland, Oregon with her human and animal family.