Applicant must be a 2 HOOF SURE FOOT Equine Practitioner in good standing for a minimum of one year

Step 1 - Apply

  • Must be an Equine Professional with liability insurance (depends on country of residence). An equine professional could be a Trainer, Veterinarian, Farrier, Bodyworker, etc.
  • Fill out the 3 HOOF SURE FOOT Practitioner application
  • Pay applicable 3 HOOF Practitioner fees

Step 2 - Learn

  •  Shadow a 3 or 4 HOOF Practitioner at a minimum of two public SURE FOOT Clinics and/or Demonstrations
  • Attend a minimum of one SURE FOOT Workshop as an assistant to the 4 HOOF Practitioner

Step 3 – Prepare

  • Agree to only use the Murdoch Method SURE FOOT Products at all times when representing the SURE FOOT Brand
  • Acquire a second set of SURE FOOT Pads in order to have a sufficient number of Pads when working in a clinic setting
  • Complete the 3 HOOF “How to do Case Studies” online learning module
  • Attend 3 HOOF virtual mentorship meetings

Step 4 – Practice

  •  Applicant must be able to demonstrate the following abilities:
    • Maintain control of the environment in a clinic setting
    • Present information clearly and succinctly
    • Keep an audience engaged and recognize when breaks are needed
    • Read the participants to determine when both horse or owner needs a rest
    • Stay positive in the face of adversity or challenging part
    • Remain polite and professional at all times
  • Submit three video Case Studies, including:
    • A Case Study following a horse for one-month (using SURE FOOT at least once per week) demonstrating the long-term benefits of SURE FOOT
    • One video demonstrating how to teach SURE FOOT to a small group
    • One short Case Study demonstration that could be used as preparation to present to a riding school, veterinary practice, local riding club, etc. This should include photos and videos supporting the benefits of SURE FOOT.

Step 5 – Evaluate

  •  Critique one’s own performance and suggest ways to improve including but not limited to:
    • Public speaking courses
    • Conduct online meetings and webinars as the facilitator
    • Learn group dynamic skills in other areas of expertise
  • Review the Case Studies provided with a 4 HOOF Practitioner
  • Mentor a minimum of two 1 HOOF Practitioners Applicants towards their authorization
    • Mentorship guidelines will be provided prior to mentees being assigned.
  • Review and provide feedback on a minimum of six Case Studies
    • Sample Case Studies will be provided by Practitioner Coordinator

Step 6 – Authorized

  • SURE FOOT Office approves Applicant
  • Practitioner submits updated biography and photograph for SURE FOOT website
  • Office lists Practitioner as a 3 HOOF on the SURE FOOT Equine website Practitioners page
  • Practitioner receives certificate
  • Practitioner uses the SURE FOOT logo and 3 HOOF logo in marketing

3 HOOF Practitioners are authorized to:

  • Give private lessons
  • Use marketing materials
  • Give SURE FOOT Pad Parties
  • Facilitate SURE FOOT Clinics:
    • One to two days, open-to-the-public clinics are typically two days with unmounted and mounted sessions to see the changes that occur overnight. Often one horse is used as a demonstration and then two horses are in the arena at the same time with a support person (rider or handler) Auditors are allowed.
    • Represent the SURE FOOT brand by presenting at conferences, meetings and demonstrations with prior approval from the SURE FOOT Office.