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Jo Whatman is our Australasian SURE FOOT distributor and 2 HOOF Practitioner. She has been riding horses since she was 8, competing showing and dressage before turning to natural horsemanship in 2001. In 2010 she switched paths to the classical riding teachings of Ecole de Legerete and Science of Motion. To fully understand the complex nature of the horse Jo has attended trainings in equine podiatry, bodywork, training/coaching, equine thermography, kinesiology and spent time in US studying the Masterson Method. She is currently studying horse physiology. She has a practical sense for the horse and alongside owners and other professionals, hopes to help as many horses as possible feel, look and perform at their absolute best. She believes horse time should be fun, inspiring and positively progressive for both human and horse. She shares her common sense approach to horsemanship and horse care with owners and their horses by way of sessions, lessons and ‘Play Day’ clinics aimed at improving the athleticism, wellbeing and happiness of the horse.