Geoffroy Lejeune

Geoffroy Lejeune - 1 HOOF
+330625495505 (Geoffroy)
+330684401151 (Aude)
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Geoffroy is a Belgian Farrier based in Normandy, France. He has his own stable near Deauville and is also a jumping rider (Level 140). Geoffroy has over 20 years’ experience in shoeing sport horses and orthopaedic treatment. Geoffroy is also involved a lot in alternative shoeing solutions and in the barefoot management for jumping horses. He is very interested in all the technologies and practices that can help him in hoof care and that's why he chose to have SURE FOOT Pads in his pocket! Geoffroy and his wife Aude are SUREFOOT distributors in France and are also frequent hosts to SURE FOOT events in their home.