Julie HigginsJulie Higgins - 2 HOOF
Leg Up Equine Massage
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Julie Higgins,CESMT, an avid equestrian of over 45 years, holds certifications in myofascial release, craniosacral therapy, trigger point therapy, red light therapy, and also utilizes Bemer PEMF therapy in her equine massage practice. Julie’s background focuses on the whole horse, understanding the biomechanics of horse and rider, causes of pain, hoof/dental issues, saddle fit/placement, and how to develop a horse’s topline correctly. She started integrating the SURE FOOT Pads with her own horses in early June 2020. After participating in a SURE FOOT Clinic with Wendy Murdoch in July 2020, Julie started to incorporate the Pads into some of the body work sessions with her clients. She quickly began to see how beneficial these pads are to achieve the best possible body work session. Julie currently offers the SURE FOOT Pads to clients both as a stand-alone practice, or in conjunction with other modalities based on the individual horses’ needs. For more information about services reach out to Julie at any of the contacts above.